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Counseling and Forensic Services in Westlake Village

Having retired from a 45-year career as a Family Law Attorney, Ms. Fleishman is now devoting her full-time efforts to Insight Counseling and Forensic Services which she established in 2017.  Ms. Fleishman performs Child Custody Evaluations by Court Appointment and offers private therapy services where the presenting issues relate to marriage, divorce, child custody, and moving on after divorce.


Ms. Fleishman performs comprehensive or brief, court-ordered, Child Custody Evaluations that address issues including, but not limited to, time-share plans, conflict resolution, parental strengths and shortcomings, children resisting contact with a parent, and parent relocation requests.


Ms. Fleishman’s psychotherapy practice focuses on issues relating to marital discord, divorce, moving on after a divorce, remarriage, parenting issues, and developing new life goals. Of course, these issues often involve trauma, depression, and anxiety which may also be addressed in therapy.

Insight Counseling & Forensic Services
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