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Common Questions

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a general term for treating upsetting problems by talking to a mental healthcare professional. Therapy can be short-term (to treat a very specific issue) or can be long-term in order to concentrate on complex issues or long-term development.

How long does therapy take?

Every client has individual goals and unique needs. Some issues are more difficult to resolve than others; some are much easier. Sometimes, therapy is not about a specific issue or problem but more about a client’s need to improve his or her life in some way, such as general self-
improvement or growth. Of course, a client is free to stop therapy at any time, if he or she wishes to do so.

What if therapy is not enough?

Some clients may need more than therapy to resolve their issues. Sometimes medication is appropriate in addition to therapy in which case I will refer my client to a psychiatrist (a medical doctor specializing in psychological issues). Examples of other possible adjunctive services might be marriage counseling, group therapy, a 12-Step program or reading suggested materials.

Are there different kinds of therapy?

Yes. There are many different models or styles of therapy. Most of them are equally effective if the particular style of therapy is appropriate for a particular psychological issue and if the relationship between the client and therapist is a good one. Please feel free to inquire about my “style” and the modalities of therapy that I employ.

What modality or “style” of therapy do you use?

These are the therapy modalities I most commonly utilize and which I sometimes use in conjunction with each other.

1. Psychodynamic

2. Family Systems

3. Cognitive Behavioral therapy

4. EMDR.

5. Lifespan Integration

6. Psychoeducation

How do you get paid?

For therapy, I charge a per session rate which must be paid each session by check, credit card or cash. Arrangements may be made for an automatic monthly payment by credit card as well. Please contact my office to inquire about my current per session rate. For child custody evaluation services, I charge a retainer (deposit) at the beginning of the matter. Sometimes, additional progress payments will also be required. When the evaluation is completed, any excess credit balance will be refunded or any balance due must be paid before the final report will be released or before the child custody mediation is concluded.

Does my health insurance cover any of the services listed above?

I do not accept insurance for payment of any of my fees. However, for therapy clients, I will provide a bill acceptable to health insurance providers which may be submitted to the health insurance carrier for reimbursement to you in accord with your plan provisions. It is my understanding that health insurance carriers do not cover child custody evaluations or mediation services. However, please check with your insurance provider to be sure.


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